Why Choose Control 4

Why Choose Control 4

To put it simply, YES!!

There’s no automation brand on the market right now that has the same popularity amongst both installers and end users. Over the last 4 years control 4 has seen an exponential rise in its market share amongst industry professionals. They have achieved this due to their outstanding customer service and reliability and an aggressive marketing strategy focusing on brand acquisition. 
In 2019 Control 4 was acquired by Snap AV which makes control 4 a multi billion dollar company which operates globally with headquarters spanning over 100 countries, they support over 14,000 third party products and are installed in over 400,000 homes across the globe serviced by a dealer network of over 6000 dealers.

What does this mean for the end user though? This means that the hardware is tried and tested,  when you invest into a control 4 system that has such a large global network of dealers and users it means that you know you’re investing into a trusted and reliable brand. 

The most reliable network
With any technology you can expect there to be issues, most issues in a smart home though are born from the reliability of the network rather than the devices themselves. Control 4 tackled this head-on by acquiring networking behemoths Pakedge,  the best foundation for a control 4 smart home is a pakedge network. The driver and certification process for control 4 is extensive and robust meaning devices will integrate efficiently and without fuss, companies such as savant have a much lower number of users meaning the demand for the drivers you require for your home is much smaller meaning less integration and more bugs when the integration is available. 

The Most Intuitive and Versatile Solution

Very few companies deliver quite like control 4 when it comes to ease-of-use, compatibility and customisation. Control4 is continually evolving with new releases of software like the brilliant OS3 and the new NEEO remote which allows homeowners prioritise their favourite rooms, devices, and more. View your security or the song playing on your multi-room audio through the at-a-glance features on your home screen. Enjoy this easy to use interface on dedicated touch-pads, mobile apps or Control4’s NEEO remote.
Control4 als

o offers the broadest range of solutions with almost 14,000 compatible devices for AV, security, climate and more allowing you to integrate all of your favourite devices, including Nest, Sonos and Yale smart locks.

Everyone has a different way they like to interact with technology. Control4 lets you design a smart home that integrates motion sensors, voice control, elegant keypads, and more. Control4 is compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa.

The Best Support System in the Industry

Support is vital when it comes to smart home technology. Even professionally installed systems need maintaining if they are to perform to the best of their abilities. Control 4 uses Pakedge’s cloud management system which allows integrators to monitor your system 24/7 for issues and possible upgrades.Often, these are resolved before you even notice any downtime. Though Savant offers some native remote management tools, none have the scope and reliability that come from the networking behemoths.
Whenever there is a need for a service call, Control4’s relationship with Snap AV makes them uniquely qualified logistically to provide technical support.
If you want to embrace the best in smart home technology? Contact Dan at modern smart now and arrange a consult where you can discuss exactly what is possible with a conrol 4 smart home. 

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