Why choose home automation and what to avoid.

Some people would be forgiven for thinking home automation is reserved for the rich and famous but you’d be mistaken for thinking so. 

With an ever increasing list of product on the market home automation is becoming more and more affordable, of course you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an automation system in the same way you can buy a $500,000 Rolls Royce, but there are plenty of ways to enter the home automation market without breaking the bank. 


What to avoid


I’ve lost count of the amount of how many customers have asked us to carry out electrical work in their house and when we’ve arrived we’ve noticed that they are interested in home automation and have been to Bunnings or JB Hifi and bought themselves stand alone equipment such as Phillips hue, these systems are excellent at what they do but they are not by and stretch of the imagination what a professional would consider home automation. The last thing a final user should have to do is open 10 different apps to control the various automation in their home. 


So what is home automation?


Skyba Electrical believes that true home automation is an autonomous home that carries out actions and reactions to the environment, for example. 


If you have an irrigation system set to water your lawn at 1pm but it starts to rain at 12pm your automation should stop this action from happening and save you money. 


If you sit down to watch a movie in your theatre room before sunset, when you press the watch button on your control 4 Neeo remote the blinds drop, press the same button after sunset and the lights come on until you’ve sat down then turn off for you to watch your movie in comfort. 


What we have for you 


Skyba Electrical have a number of options for you, whether it be stand alone CCTV, Intercom or whole home automation. We can supply and install all manner of lighting automation, multi-room audio and video, security and CCTV. 

We have hand picked 2 brands from the entry level and higher end of the market in Fibaro and Control 4, we’ve not only chosen these products but we have installed them in our property and tested them to ensure that we understand what it’s like to live with the products we’re providing to our customers ensuring we supply the best and most effective installs. 


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