Old switchboards can be extremely dangerous and it’s important they’re replaced as soon as possible. They can not only cause accidents. but in some cases, death. The question is how do you identify whether or not your switchboard needs replacing? If you’re moving into a new property and it’s quite old, then it’s more than likely you’ll have an old switchboard along with power points and lights that you may like to replace with something more modern. It may look quaint and appealing from a vintage perspective but believe me if you have an electrical accident or even worse a fire, then you’ll be wishing you’d changed everything.

How can you identify if your switchboard needs to be replaced?

If your switchboard has:

  • old re-wirable fuses.
  • no safety switch or safety switches that only protect power and lighting or just power.
  • Old outdated accessories throughout the house
  • Old and outdated enclosure showing signs of age.

Why are safety switches so important?

Safety switches also known as RCD’s or residual current devices, are extremely important, RCD’s work in a very different way to circuit breakers, RCD’s make your electrical installation much safer, they ensure that even if you have a fault to a metal enclosure which for some reason has been disconnected from earth the circuit will de-energise ensuring that you and your family are safe from electric shock.

Current electrical legislation requires an RCD to be present on any circuit rated below 32A.

Always hire a qualified and licensed electrician 

It is extremely important for yo to ensure that you hire an appropriately qualified and insured electrician, just because someone is an electrician it doesn’t mean that they are properly licensed and insured, the law in Qld states that and electrician must be hold an electrical contractors license and the appropriate insurance in order to carry out electrical work as a contractor. Your electrician should display their electrical contractors license number in all of their advertising, and you can check their license by doing an electrical license search athttps://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/licensing-and-registrations/electrical-licences

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