Installing a CCTV Camera System is one of the best ways to protect your home or workplace from crimes such as trespassing, burglary and vandalism.


Choosing the right device can be difficult if you are unclear about your security needs. Equally important is buying the device from a reliable CCTV Security Camera Systems company so that it serves its purpose efficiently.

Understanding your own security needs and being informed about the right CCTV camera system product options can put you in the right direction.


Avoid making “Cheap” a Priority

While low-cost security systems may seem appealing, you’ll end up paying more over time in the form of frequent repairs and a device that doesn’t do its job. Go for devices well-recognised for quality such as HIKVISION, UNIVIEW and DAHUA IP cameras.


Choose a CCTV Security Camera Systems company that deals in multiple reputed brands so that you have several options.


We often hear from customer who decided to install a DIY wireless camera system from bunnings, the issue with these cameras is you will spend the first month or two after install looking at them, once the novelty wears off you will stop checking on them, in 6 month’s time when an incident happens you go to get your footage and realise that you received a notification 3 months prior regarding battery life and you didn’t attend to it rendering the cameras completely useless. CCTV is a system which is invaluable when you need it but rarely thought of when you don’t.


Analyse Lighting Options

Where will you be installing the camera? Is the area a bright outdoor space or darker indoors? If the area is brightly lit, any security camera can be installed. But, if you are looking for a camera for night surveillance, or for a space with low-lighting conditions, choose models that mention low-light compatibility or night camera in their specifications. Go for a day-night CCTV if light conditions vary constantly, we have several options to suite your needs including full colour night vision cameras.


Specify Indoor/ Outdoor Use

An indoor camera cannot withstand rough outdoor conditions and is more than likely to give in soon. Go for cameras with high tolerance for UV rays, rain and heavy winds, for outdoor use. Outdoor cameras can be used indoors as well.


Choose Fixed or Moving Surveillance

If you want to monitor a specific area such as a room entrance or parking space, a fixed one-angle view should suffice. But, if you want to look around the area, or monitor on detecting a movement, a moving view (PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom) is ideal. These cameras have swivelling lenses to capture actions from a large angle, we also have a range of motion capture cameras which will detect and follow a subject which enters its line of sight.


Go for On-Site or Remote Viewing

On-site view enables you to see the recording on a CCTV monitor installed on the premises. With remote viewing, you’ll be able to view the footage from any location with Internet access.


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